Mosquito killers

Mosquito killers are effective because they actively reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area around them. This makes them a better choice than, for example mosquito repellentsmosquito coils and mosquito light.

Mosquito killers are also a better choice than chemical mosquito traps - both because they are more effective, but also because they are completely chemical-free. This makes them safe for humans, animals and the environment.

However, it's worth researching the market a bit before buying a mosquito killer, as their functionality and quality varies greatly.


Which mosquito killer is best?

While the choice depends to some extent on need, our experience is that these mosquito killers are the best choice if you live in the UK.

We recommend these mosquito killers because they're effective, power efficient, quiet and relatively inexpensive - buy more than one if you're heavily affected by mosquitoes

The reason for our recommendation is that the mosquito killer above meets the vast majority of the criteria for a good model (see the list further down this page).

Of course, if you're generally plagued by a lot of mosquitoes, you can buy several mosquito killers and place them strategically.


Gas-powered mosquito killers

There are also gas-powered mosquito killers, which are much more effective than the model above, but their prices usually start at DKK 4,000 and the cost of gas far exceeds the cost of electricity for the mains-powered models. Gas-powered mosquito killers are best purchased in Sweden, where the mosquito problem is much worse than in Denmark.

Gas-powered mosquito killers use a simple but clever technology; because mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 (which is the air that humans breathe), the mosquito killing machine emits CO2 and possibly light, all of which attract the mosquitoes to the machine. When the mosquitoes fly to the killing machine, they are sucked into it by a powerful fan where they are killed.

There are also even more advanced and efficient devices available abroad, which can cost over DKK 10,000 each, but we won't go into those in depth in this article.


Considerations before buying a mosquito killer

Before purchasing a mosquito killer, consider the following factors:

  • Audio: A mosquito killer should not make noise, buzz, click, etc. otherwise it becomes an unnecessary nuisance.
  • LifespanA good mosquito killer can last for years and the most expensive ones should last for decades. The cheaper models rarely come with warranties.
  • EnergyA mosquito killer should not have a high energy consumption. Before purchasing a model, always make sure it doesn't consume large amounts of electricity or gas, otherwise it can be an expensive solution. There are also models that are powered solely by solar cells, but they are often too energy-inefficient to effectively attract and kill mosquitoes.
  • How to useMost electric mosquito killers are relatively easy to use. The large gas-powered models, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to operate.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: The cleaning of a mosquito killer must be included in the design, otherwise you'll have to spend a lot of time digging dead mosquitoes out of the machine.
  • Safety and securityAlthough mosquito killers are generally much safer for humans and animals than, for example, chemical mosquito traps or mosquito coils, there is some risk involved in using and storing the gas-powered models.

Remember that the most effective protection against mosquitoes is Mosquito repellent for your body and clothes such as mosquito spray.