Avoid lice - 10 tips for prevention

Lice can be prevented in several ways, but the most effective are:

  • By avoiding hair-to-hair contact
  • By using preventatives

Below you will find a number of tips and advice on how to best avoid lice. 

Please note that this article only covers head lice - and not crab or body loop.

These products are recommended for lice prevention

1. contact

Avoiding all hair-to-hair contact is the most effective way to prevent lice, as lice can basically only be transmitted this way.

In general, you should limit or avoid prolonged contact with people who have lice.

If you have long hair, it is a good idea to put it up in a bun, ponytail or similar. This reduces the risk of your hair coming into contact with lice-infested hair and becoming infected with lice.

Avoiding hair-to-hair contact reduces the risk of lice


2. Lice season and school holidays

Lice are most common between August and November (the so-called lice season), but also immediately after all school holidays. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to lice at these times of the year.


3. Preventive products

There are a few products that can be used to prevent the occurrence of lice. These products are best used when there is an increased risk of lice (e.g. during lice season or after school holidays).

If you are notified that there are lice in the school or daycare center, the preventative products should be applied to all individuals in the household (children as well as adults).

We recommend this product:

Linicin Prevent is made exclusively to prevent lice and is considered to be the most effective product on the market (for prevention). It is based on castor oil and is sprayed into the hair. The duration of action is 7 hours.

Linicin Prevent can be purchased here.


4. Treatment and prevention

If you (or your child) already have lice and are looking for a product to treat the lice and prevent future infestations, the following products are recommended:

Linicin Plus kills all existing lice and prevents infestations for up to 3 days. Please note that there are two product variants:

Linicin Plus Solution can be purchased here (for heavy and curly hair)

Linicin Plus Shampoo can be purchased here (for fine and straight hair)

Eco.Kid Lice Bomb is a combined package consisting of three hair care products: 1) a lice shampoo that kills lice, 2) a preventive shampoo that prevents lice infestations and 3) a nourishing conditioner.

Eco.Kid Lice Bomb can be purchased here.


5. Control

If you have children, you should regularly check their scalp for lice. This way you can prevent lice from spreading to the rest of the family.


6. Urination

You can comb your hair regularly with a close comb to remove any lice before they develop. For this to work, you'll need a good close comb and remember to comb often. We recommend the lice comb set below:

We recommend this lice comb set because it contains combs for all hair types


7. Coordinated treatment

If you have children, it is important that all children in school and daycare are treated at the same time, otherwise they will continue to infect each other. Therefore, talk to teachers, educators and other parents about the problem and coordinate treatment.


8. Reprocessing

If you have successfully treated for lice, always remember to check regularly in the days after treatment and repeat the treatment if lice are found. Although there are now lice treatments that promise to eliminate all lice in one treatment, retreatment after 7-10 days may still be necessary (and with many lice treatments, retreatment is part of the normal course of treatment).


9. Persistent problems

If lice are a recurring or persistent problem, you can choose to cut your hair short - or go completely bald. If you want to be absolutely sure to avoid lice, your hair should be no more than ½ cm long.


10. Seek medical attention

If none of the above helps, see a doctor!